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Elevate Your Living: The Sky’s the Limit with Our Lofted Cabins

Dreaming of a unique living space that seamlessly merges function with style? Discover the magic of elevated living with Cricket Valley Structures' signature Lofted Cabins. A delightful blend of elegance, space optimization, and innovation, these cabins redefine the art of dwelling.

Why Our "Lofted Cabins" Are A Notch Above The Rest

  • Majestic Heights: The lofted design offers a unique vantage point, giving you breathtaking views, amplified spaces, and an airy ambiance.
  • Personalized Spaces: Tailor your loft to be a cozy reading nook, a vibrant play area, an artistic studio, or even a quiet meditation space.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Meticulously constructed using superior materials, our cabins stand as a testament to durability, ensuring they last as long as your memories.
  • Modern Meets Rustic: Embrace the rustic charm of cabin living, enhanced with all the conveniences of modern design and functionality.

Painted DuraTemp

Click to view larger images. Photos may show upgrades not included in the standard model.


Click to view larger images. Photos may show upgrades not included in the standard model.

Pricing Information

Metal lofted cabin pricing
DuraTemp lofted cabin pricing
Includes 1- 9 lite Steel entry door, 2-windows and 6’ porch (included in size).  *Cabin Styles are not available for Built On-Site.

*Prices subject to change without notice. Credit Cards Accepted!
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The Cricket Valley Structures Commitment

  • Home, Elevated: Escape the endless “lofted cabins near me” searches. With our cabins, you're not just buying a space; you're investing in an elevated lifestyle.
  • Swift Set-Up: Our dedicated team ensures a seamless installation process, so you can start your lofted living journey sooner than imagined.
  • Clear & Honest Dealings: Our philosophy is transparency. With no hidden costs or surprises, our relationship is built on trust and understanding.
  • Beyond the Build: From aftercare services to personal customization advice, our support extends far beyond the initial purchase.

A lofted cabin isn't just an architectural wonder; it's a promise of a life that reaches for the skies, filled with moments that uplift the spirit. With Cricket Valley Structures, you're not just choosing a cabin; you're embracing a vision of elevated living.

Lofty Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Customize My Lofted Cabin? Without a doubt! Your vision is our blueprint. Let's co-create the cabin of your dreams.
  • Delivery & Installation – What's the Deal? Professional, timely, and precise. Our experts ensure your cabin stands tall and proud, right where you envisioned it.
  • Are There Any Hidden Charges? Our word is our bond. You pay for your dream cabin, nothing more, nothing less.
  • How Durable Are These Lofted Cabins? Crafted with precision and passion, our lofted cabins come with a robust warranty that echoes their enduring build.

Soar to new heights of comfort, luxury, and style. Welcome to the world of Cricket Valley Structures' Lofted Cabins – where dreams meet reality.


What is a lofted cabin?

A lofted cabin is a small house or cottage, typically featuring an upper loft area that can be used for additional sleeping space or storage.

What are common uses for lofted cabins?

They are often used as vacation homes, guest houses, or creative studios, taking advantage of the extra loft space.

Can lofted cabins be customized?

Yes, we offer customization options for lofted cabins, including layout, size, and design elements.

What materials are typically used for lofted cabins?

They are often made of wood or metal, chosen for durability and aesthetic appeal.

Are lofted cabins energy efficient?

This depends on the construction and materials used. Modern lofted cabins can be designed with energy efficiency in mind.