Custom Garage

Your garage should not only protect your car but also accentuate your home, among other benefits. Unfortunately, most homeowners assume that their garage should be standard. If you are looking for a functional, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing garage that enhances your home's appearance, order a custom garage from Cricket Valley Structures.

custom garage structure

Shape and Design of Custom Garage

Unlike other major home structures, you can do anything with your garage. Being among the many types of modern custom buildings, a custom-made storage garage can be designed to suit multiple applications, with vehicle storage being the most obvious application.

While a garage is typically used to store cars, boats, garden tools, and other equipment, customization makes it a versatile storage area and a dedicated workspace. Fortunately, you can shape and design your custom garage to your liking. For this, take advantage of Cricket Valley Structures' design tool.

The best place to start your custom tool garage design is to choose between a complex and simple design. For this, design options range from simple and sleek modern designs to classic traditional designs. You should also pick a perfect color scheme that aligns with other buildings in your compound.

    Custom Garage Delivery and Installation

    The first step to owning a custom shed garage is deciding your preferred style, design, and shape. With this information, Cricket Valley Structures will design your requested custom design garage and deliver it within a few weeks.

    Normally, you will need building permits to erect a garage once ready. Therefore, you should consult the local authorities to confirm if building permits are required in your locality being considered a portable building/garage, in urban areas, permits are typically not needed. However if you live in town, that’s a different story. Site inspection before delivery and installation is important. This includes leveling, excavation, or tree trimming.

    If everything is ready, Cricket Valley Structures offer free delivery for customers who live 50 miles from their dealers. Note that the custom-built garage cost will include construction costs, and delivery for those who lie outside the 50-miledistance.

    custom garage building

    Types and Features of CustomGarages

    As youdesign your custom garden garage, you should consider the following types;

    • Detached– these are the original garage models that transformed from converted carriagehouses

    Regardless of the garage type, every custom-built garden garage has unique features. You can customize your custom garage to include unique roofing materials, flooring materials, parking layouts, storage solutions, and construction materials.

    Specialized Garage StorageCabinets

    Unless you are using your custom garage only for keeping your car, you should ensure that your garage has some storage solutions. Cabinets are the most common garage storage solutions for good reasons. Cabinets are very sturdy, available in varying sizes, and can be converted into a workshop area for your garage. If your garage is limited in space, opt for slim storage cabinets.

    garage storage cabinets

    Why Choose Cricket Valley Structures for Custom Garages

    Though often underestimated, a garage is an important addition to any home. As such, if you are searching for a custom garage near me, ensure that you source it from a reputable manufacturer.

    Apart from unmatched experience spanning more than ten years, Cricket Valley Structures manufacture high-quality custom garage, yard barns, cabins, and storage buildings using the best materials. The company also partners with local dealers, making it accessible for most people.


    Cricket Valley Structures delivers and installs custom garages that can be used for various purposes. We customize your garage to suit individual styles, needs, and preferences. The company creates a custom garage by determining your needs or remodeling your existing garage. You will also enjoy free delivery and installation if you live within a 50-mile distance.


    What are various types of home garages?

    Common types of home garages include standard garage, apartment garage, shop garage, oversized garage, colonial garage, compact garage for small vehicles, and SUV garage for large vehicles. Choose your preferred type of garage that suits your needs.

    What are the benefits of a bigger garage?

    Large garages not only offer secure storage for your vehicle but also offer increased storage space, flexibility, and multipurpose.

    What is the typical size of a 1- Car garage?

    Typically ,a 1-car garage should be 14 feet wide and 28 feet long. This will provide a comfortable parking space for a car.

    What is the size of the standard 2-car size garage?

    The standard size for a 2-car garage often ranges between 16 and 20 feet wide and between 20 and 32 feet long. You can still get a custom 2-car garage from Cricket Valley Structures.