Portable Garage

The fact that sheltered storage spaces are in short supply doesn’t mean that your vehicles, machines, gardening machines, and other items should rust outside. Investing in a portable garage can make the difference. Also called fabric or temporary shelters, these structures provide a safe, convenient, and multi-purpose storage space in your backyard. Buy a portable garage from Cricket Valley Structures today.

Construction and Assembly of Portable Garage

Opting for a portable garage obviously comes with a lot of benefits. For starters, if you have a car and no garage to keep, it eliminates the stress of constructing a permanent garage from scratch. You can use this portable structure as a temporary vehicle shelter as you build a permanent garage.

However, most people don’t understand what goes into building a portable garage. You can order an already made shelter or request Cricket Valley Structures to build one in your backyard. Regardless of your preferred choice, both come with portable garage customizations that make the shelter very versatile.

Note that portable garage sheds don’t sit on the ground without tethers. Anchors are used to ensuring that they don’t shift or fall even amidst tough weather conditions.

    Installation Guide for Portable Garages

    Installing a portable garage is a rather straightforward procedure. However, for installation to be successful, you should have all the necessary accessories. Some important accessories that enhance the functionality of your portable garage include;

    • Portable garage floor – while most portable garages have walls and overhead shelters, unlike carports, not all come with built-in floors. However, there are several benefits of garage floors, majorly protection purposes. For instance, a floor eliminates the risks of being exposed to wet surfaces, especially after harsh rainy weather.
    • Ground weights/anchors – as mentioned, anchors prevent portable sheds from shifting. You can easily loosen or remove these anchors when moving the shed. Most ground anchors are made from galvanized steel that protects them from harsh outdoor environments.
    • Electricity hooks – despite being portable, you shouldn’t miss important amenities, such as electricity in your garage. Electricity hooks allow you to fix electrical cables in your garage.

    Types and Features of Portable Garages

    Unlike permanent garages, a portable garage isn’t a one-fits-all shed. There is a wide array of designs, models, and types that you can choose from. One major classifying feature that often changes the design of portable garages is the material made.

    Most portable garages are made from durable fabric and high-grade steel material, while others are made from aluminum and wood. Fabric materials range from lightweight materials to heavy-duty materials that can withstand various elements, including heavy winds, snow, and sleet. Homeowners should choose their preferred material.

    Stable & Durability of Portable Garages

    Generally, portable garages are stable and long-lasting. However, the durability of your portable garage will depend on the quality of materials used and manufacture grade. Nonetheless, a good portable garage from Cricket Valley Structures should last between ten and twenty years.

    Why Choose Cricket Valley Structures for Portable Garages?

    Like any other significant home installation, you should ensure that your portable garage is of high-quality make, functional, and reliable. Fortunately, Cricket Valley Structures are there to ensure that your portable shed meets all expectations.

    The company delivers portable garages constructed using steel frames and rough covers that last longer. Use the company’s easy configuration tool to design your portable shed, select the color, style, and other options, and Cricket Valley Structures will do the hard work.


    Portable garages are increasingly becoming popular amongst homeowners, overlanders, and adventurers who spend much time outdoors. Order a great structure from Cricket Valley Structures.


    Where can I get portable garages?

    As the popularity of portable garages increases, more manufacturers have surfaced, claiming to manufacture the best sheds. While you can search online for various supplies, search and place orders with our local dealers for assured quality.

    What are various types of portable home garages?

    Home portable garages can be classified into many types based on several factors. The material make, external design, and size are just a few to mention.

    How would I get a covered garage installed?

    Depending on the size, it is best to have your portable garage installed by experts. However, you can still do the installation if you are a DIY enthusiast. You should only ensure that you have all the necessary accessories.

    Can a garage have a basement?

    Though uncommon, a garage can have a basement. However, ensure that you have a strong floor since vehicles and other equipment are heavy.