Storage Sheds

A storage shed is defined as a small building that is most often used to store different extra possessions or tools that come in handy to maintain small things in and around the house. Historically, people built sheds keeping in mind their needs and materials available around them. However, in the current times, storage sheds are a place to store unwanted and extra possessions that cannot be stored in the house and be a place where they can relax, work on projects, or a specific hobby.

Cricket Valley Structures has been in the field of creating long-lasting outdoor sheds for storage since 2005. These structures can be used for their primary purpose or any other purpose. The professionals at Cricket Valley Structures can provide you with a customizable outer frame as per the need and requirements. So it is up to you to choose the best type of storage shed you need, and let Cricket Valley build it for you.

What is A Storage Shed Used For?

A storage shed can be used for a variety of purposes which are mentioned as follows:

  • Store tools and garden supplies
  • Have a place to relax or work on a hobby
  • Place your favorite collections
  • Create a play area for kids and much more

There are countless uses for a storage shed in the current times, and many people can create a shed in their backyard without spending a significant amount of their finances. At Cricket Valley Structures, customers can purchase outdoor storage sheds or buy storage shed kits to build on their outdoor storage shed per the chosen material.

    Price vs. Quality for Buying Storage Sheds

    While considering building an outdoor storage shed, it is better to see every aspect other than its cost. Some intended customers sometimes stop searching for quality once they see low-cost storage sheds and do not pursue other related factors. Therefore, it is always better to get a storage shed made with high-quality materials and sturdy construction. Such outdoor sheds for storage are available at Cricket Valley Structures according to the customer's budget. Indeed, you would like your storage shed to last for a long time, and paying some extra money to get that level of sturdiness is smarter than looking for low-cost options that might not last for a long time. Additionally, it is often better to get a solid yet straightforward outdoor shed if budget constraints are present than an outdoor storage shed that has too many details and is made with luxurious materials.

    Design Considerations While Purchasing a Storage Shed

    Whenever you need to build or buy pre-made outdoor storage shed, it is essential to remember that outdoor sheds do not only serve to store things away. The way the outdoor storage shed is made also affects the outdoor shed's usefulness and appearance for storage in your home. For example, a customer's home has the appearance of a country-style house, and then it would be a good idea to create an outdoor shed for storage in a homely design. Or, if the home has a formal design, the outdoor shed for storage should complement a better appearance and vice versa. Here is where Cricket Valley Structures provides you with the best designs for an outdoor storage shed that will aid in complementing your home.

    Customize Your Shed

    Professionals at Cricket Valley Structures can help you design the best outdoor sheds for storage that caters to your needs. Additionally, the Cricket Valley Structures website 3D shed building tool allows you to visualize and design the specific size, material, and type of shed you would like to order for your home. The sheds are usually made of the following materials:

    • Premium Siding
    • Metal Siding
    • Treated T111 siding

    Each material comes with the promise of being a long-lasting and maintenance-free look. Additionally, there are multiple color options that you can choose from as per the location and according to your needs. The prices of the outdoor storage shed change depending on the requirement and size. The prices based on the material used for the outdoor storage shed is as follows:
    • Metal storage sheds range from 8 x10 to 14 x 44 and can be priced from $3045 to $13,695.
    • Outdoor storage sheds made from treated wood with the previously mentioned sizes range from $3095 to $13,975.
    • Painted DuraTemp outdoor shed for storage can range from $3145 to $13,895 with the 10 x 8 storage shed size to a 14 x 44 size.

    Shop by Material

    The following are the materials used to create high-quality outdoor storage sheds and storage sheds. The benefits of each material are mentioned here:

    • Premium Siding – Painted DuraTemp
    This natural plywood material comes with a 50-year warranty, with low chances of splitting or cracking with more than one option for a paint color.

    • Metal Siding
    Outdoor sheds for storage made from metal are considerably maintenance-free, do not need paint or repainting very often. They also come with a 40-year warranty and provide a clean appearance.

    • Treated T111 Siding
    Due to the shed being made of the highest quality of treated T111 wood treated with ProWood micro CA, it will last longer and not be affected by termites or rot. These sheds can be repainted or stained as per requirement. Also, these outdoor storage sheds have a three to five-year stain resistance.  

    Shop by Color

    The outdoor sheds for storage available for purchase at Cricket Valley Structures depend on the material chosen by the customer. The colors provided by Cricket Valley Structures for Painted DuraTemp, and  metal material are in the shades of white, green, red, yellow, blue, and wood shades and metallic colors. Additional material that is available for the outdoor storage sheds is T111 Pressure Treated material. This material gets stained and only lasts 3-5 years.

    Why Choose Cricket Valley Structure For Storage Sheds

    Cricket Valley Structures has been in the field of creating high-quality sheds, garages, and barns for their customers. Outdoor sheds for storage made by the highly experienced professionals at Cricket Valley Structures are long-lasting, high quality, and customized as per the customer's requirements. The company also provides options for the customer to build their outdoor storage sheds or get the prefabricated outdoor storage shed placed in their home. Additionally, the business offers a rent option that can be paid for about 36 months. With all these great benefits, it's easy to see why Cricket Valley Storage Sheds are the best choice for your outdoor shed for storage needs.

      Custom Sheds Installation

      Installing custom sheds might be pretty challenging, especially for large sheds. However, Cricket Valley Structures provides free installation for clients living within 50 miles of shed dealers.

      Why Choose Cricket Valley Structure for Custom Sheds?

      You should source your custom-made storage shed from Cricket Valley Structure for various reasons. From quality designs, easy availability, and durability, there’s a lot you can expect getting custom sheds range from us. We are always ready to give you ample options to make your choice the best and a good fit for your purpose. So call us today to get your custom order ready within time.


      How Much Does a 10x12 Shed Cost?

      Outdoor storage sheds bought from Cricket Valley Structures measuring 10 x 12 depends on the customer's material, design, color, and other essential details. But a 10x12 costs around $3,500 approximately overall.