Premium Grade Painted Siding Choices

Below are the siding choices available with our sheds. All roofs are metal with vapor barrier. Choose siding from wood, metal, or Dura Temp. See brochure for quality of construction and wood interior.

Premium Grade Painted DuraTemp Siding

• 50 Year Warranty.
• Genuine Plywood.
• No splitting or cracking.
• Includes the paint color of your choice.

*Built On-Site barns are primed but not painted. (paint provided)

Metal Siding

• Maintenance Free.
• Paint Free
• 40yr Warranty.
• Clean look.

Treated T111 Siding

• Premium Grade T111.
• Pressure Treated with ProWood micro CA for a lifetime of use without rot or termites!
• Stainable and paintable.
• Comes with a 3-5yr water resistant stain.

*Should be stained or painted on a regular basis.