Custom Sheds

Custom sheds are a great addition to your backyard, garden, workshop, or home garage. However, finding the best custom buildings can be challenging, especially if you have a specific design in your mind. Talk to Cricket Valley Structures for this and many more options.

custom sheds for backyard

Material Choices

Apart from its appearance, you should also consider several other factors, such as functionality, ease of maintenance, and cost, when choosing the right custom sheds. In most cases, the shed material determines several aspects, including affordability, appearance, views, privacy, and ability of the shed to regulate natural light.

It also determines its durability, ability to provide great insulation, and resistance to moisture and heat. Below are some custom design sheds materials to consider;

    Metal sheds

    Metal sheds, especially aluminum, are durable custom-building sheds with great anti-corrosive properties. You can choose between a wide range of metallic perforated styles that present a sleek and contemporary appeal. With their moisture-resistant properties.

    Wood sheds

    Wood sheds provide natural insulation and great appeal. Real wood sheds add timeless, elegant, and organic appeal that other custom sheds cannot match. Wood is also versatile and can be customized to fit any environment. Thanks to the several stains and finishes available that anyone can choose as per their requirements. Wood also has natural insulating features, thus reduces energy consumption costs.

    Size, Shape, and Design of Custom Sheds

    Obviously, custom sheds' size, shape, and design will affect the custom-built shed cost, functionality, and possibly its placement. There are a few common custom design sheds available that include;

    • Barn style sheds – feature old-version gambrel roofs with more overhead space.
    • Utility Sheds – are A-framed with a primary door at the end
    blue custom shed design

    Shed Accessories

    Some of the accessories that come with custom design shed include, 

    • Shutters
    • Flowerboxes
    • Gable Accents
    • Gable pediments 
    • Keystone accents
    • Overhangs
    • Transom windows

    Custom Exterior Shed Options

    Your custom made storage shed can have the following options;

    • Color – you can customize your sheds to any color of your liking. Among the available color options include matte black, brandy wine, regal white, bright red, regal blue, evergreen, custom cedar sheds, driftwood, ebony, and more.
    • Interior – you can also choose the preferred interior appearance of your custom shed. This will depend on the siding style and the exterior design. 
    • Door – you can customize your sheds to feature an extra set of double doors, extra wide single doors, and more.
    • Window – window shed customization options include vents, size adjustments, and other features of your liking.
    • Frames – choose from the vast array of custom shed options available.
    • Loft – decide on your custom garden shed options to suit your backyard size and needs.
    • Porch – repurpose and customize your potting shed to suit your outdoor space garden.
    • Sliding choices – choose from premium grade DuraTemp, Treated T111, and metal siding options. Note that each siding option has different features.
    custom exterior shed design

    Custom Sheds Near Me

    You can buy storage sheds, mini barns, and other mini structures from Cricket Valley Structures dealers spread across many cities. You can find dealers in Cincinnati, Georgetown, Columbus, Springfield, Wilmington, and Walton, Kentucky areas. All you need to initiate a search around the keyword “custom sheds near me” to connect with the best dealers. We are here with our best selection that you can check out and avail from us.

      Custom Sheds Installation

      Installing custom sheds might be pretty challenging, especially for large sheds. However, Cricket Valley Structures provides free installation for clients living within 50 miles of shed dealers.

      Why Choose Cricket Valley Structure for Custom Sheds?

      You should source your custom-made storage shed from Cricket Valley Structure for various reasons. From quality designs, easy availability, and durability, there’s a lot you can expect getting custom sheds range from us. We are always ready to give you ample options to make your choice the best and a good fit for your purpose. So call us today to get your custom order ready within time.

      quality custom sheds design


      Personalize your garage, new workshop, garden shed with quality custom tool sheds from Cricket Valley Structures. You can choose your preferred model, add windows, shutters, extra doors, flower boxes, and more. Explore more options from Cricket Valley Structures.


      In how many days will I get my order?

      Your custom shed will be processed immediately after we receive your order and receive the down payment amount. However, the number of days it will take to complete your order depends on the complexity of your chosen custom shed design and also the amount of orders they have under contract at the time of the purchase. 

      Do I get extra charges for delivery and installation?

      Cricket Valley Structures provide free delivery and installation for customers within 50 miles of distance from a dealer. You can also ask for post-delivery services if unexpected issues arise later.

      Are there any hidden charges in a purchase?

      No. The cost quoted by Cricket Valley Structures covers labor and the cost of purchasing your custom-built garden shed materials. It would be the price listed plus tax. The company doesn't include any hidden charges in your purchases.

      Does cricket valley structure provide any type of warranty or guarantee over a shed?

      Yes. Cricket Valley Structures assure quality custom sheds and workmanship by providing a 6-year warranty on all structures. The Warranty would be for any defects with the structure itself. They do However quote prices to fix our buildings damaged by the Customer or Elements