portable sheds

Buying portable sheds is a daunting task for most homeowners, especially with the ton of options available. Portable storage sheds can satisfy various needs, such as parking, storage space, workspace, living space, and more. If you are searching for portable sheds for sale, order from Cricket Valley Structure today.

Storage Sheds and Portable Buildings

More people have realized the importance of portable sheds in their gardens and backyards. Fortunately, portable sheds rent to own come in varying sizes, material options, and configurations, thus have many possible uses.

Unlike permanent sheds, you can relocate your portable sheds to suit your needs. Some of the benefits of opting for portable sheds for rent or sale include:

  • Provide an additional room to your crowded basement or garage
  • A good way of accenting your yard
  • Portable garage sheds protect your outdoor tools and equipment
  • Provide great shade during hot summer days
  • Are seasonal dog houses
  • It can be used as a studio or office
  • Great playhouse for kids

Portable Sheds Installation Process

portable shed installed
installation process of portable shed

The easy installation process is probably what stands out from most portable sheds for rent. You can choose to install your portable utility sheds DIY or hire professionals. If you prefer DIY installation, ensure that you have all the portable storage shed kits to ease the installation process.

Portable shed installation depends on how you place your orders. Most pre-configured portable sheds are made of wood aka (Dura-Temp) or Metal, For this, you can customize the design and cost of the shed online.

You can also opt for custom-built portable sheds for rent if you don’t like the existing shed models. Custom-built portable storage sheds rent to own (RTO) are perfect for homeowners with their own designs. Since they require great customization, working with experts is prudent unless you have excellent carpentry skills.

Portable Sheds Sizes and Dimensions

Like other sheds, portable storage sheds for rent are available in different sizes and measurements. Note that the size directly determines the cost. Your preferred size should be dictated by what you intend to use the shed for.

That said, small portable sheds measurements range from small size 8x10, medium measures 10x20, and large portable sheds measure 14x44. Note that these measurements aren’t fixed, and you can have size adjustments by 2’ in width and 4’ in length if you desire smaller or larger. according to your needs.

Portable Sheds Features and Material Type

red portable shed material types
red and black portable shed

Regardless of their sizes, portable sheds are made from either of the following materials:

  • Plastic sheds – are the most common portable shed due to their lightweight nature. Plastic sheds are easy to assemble and are of low maintenance and fade and get cracks by the sun. As well as low quality and are not in production by Cricket Valley Structures
  • Wood (Dura-Temp) sheds – often Pre-built and Pre-Designed and are fully customizable.
  • Metal sheds – compared to wood and plastic, metal portable sheds are economical and long-lasting.

Portable Shed Dealer Near You

While finding an ideal rent to own portable shed might be a challenge, another daunting task faced by most homeowners is finding the best portable sheds near me. Fortunately, you can source your portable sheds from established companies with many local dealers.

For instance, Cricket Valley Structure has several local dealers that can readily deliver pre-built and customized sheds to your home. Simply search for portable sheds for sale near me to find your nearest local dealer.

Why Choose Cricket Valley Structure for Portable Sheds?

Cricket Valley Structure is a leading supplier of portable sheds. For more than ten years, the company has supplied thousands of homeowners with pre-built and customized sheds that suit their needs. You should purchase your portable sheds from the company for the following reasons;

  • Better value – as mentioned, Cricket Valley Structure is a leading manufacturer of portable sheds, barns, garden sheds, and more. Ordering from the company eliminates middlemen, giving your sheds a better value.
  • Better quality – being a family-owned company, Cricket Valley Structure uses premium construction materials to deliver quality products.
  • Better options – Cricket Valley Structure allows homeowners to choose from options that aren’t available everywhere. While sheds are built to order, you can customize their size, height, style, door style, and more.


Choosing the best portable shed is understandably challenging. However, experts recommend that homeowners should consider the shed size, material type, and style. Order yours from Cricket Valley Structures.


What is a portable garage shelter?

Portable garage shelters are sheds used to protect your vehicles and other tools from harsh outdoor weather.

How profitable are mini self-storage facilities?

According to Statista, self-storage facilities start making profits once it gets 60 or 70% full.

What are various types of home garages?

Common types of home garages include apartment garage, compact garage, standard garage, shop garage, SUV garage, and oversized garage. Choose your preferred type depending on your needs.

Where can I get portable garages?

You can order portable garages from various online stores, including Cricket Valley Structure.