We Can Design and Build Your Versatile and Durable Prefab Garage

A prefab garage is the type of garage that has either been made entirely or partially off-site and then transported to the final location as requested by the customer. According to the size of the garage, it can be transported entirely or in parts which makes it faster to set up on the requested site. Cricket Valley Structures provides their customers with prefab garages built according to their specifications and requirements.


Benefits of a Prefab Garage

The benefits of having a prefab garage made at Cricket Valley Structures are as follows:

  • Inexpensive prefab garages

    Getting a prefabricated garage on the site requested by the customer helps save a lot of money.

    • Convertible When Needed

    These prefab garages with loft can be designed in more than one specific way, with the help of more than one material. So, it is possible to create a very fancy prefab storage garage or a straightforward one.

    • Environmentally Safe and Friendly

    Due to the less waste incurred in building these garages, any material left behind from the previously made garage can be used to create the next new garage.  

    Cricket Valley Structures provides their customers with the best prefab garage that helps the customer get these installed at the chosen location.

    Types of Prefab Garages

    At Cricket Valley Structures, a few different types of prefab garages based on the materials are provided for the customers, which are mentioned as follows:

    • Premium Siding- Painted DuraTemp

    The natural plywood material comes with a warranty of 50-years and has lower chances of splitting or cracking due to weather changes. Additionally, customers can get them in their preferred color.

    • Treated T111 Siding

    The treated T111 siding is of premium grade. In addition, it comes with a pressure-treated ProWood micro CA which enables the customer to store all their necessary and unnecessary equipment without the risk of any termites or rot. Also, the three to five-year water resistance reduces the need to color or stain them regularly.

    • Metal Siding

    These are made of metal siding to provide a clean appearance and do not need regular maintenance. Additionally, these garages are paint-free and come with a warranty of 40 years.

    Therefore, with so many benefits available for the prefab modern garages, Cricket Valley Structures is a good idea for the customer.

    Choose Cricket Valley Structures For Prefab Garage

    Cricket Valley Structures have been creating various structures like garages, sheds, barns, etc., for their customers since 2005. Their main goal has been to provide high-quality structures without increasing the price too much. Also, they have made sure to use high-quality accessories like aluminum treadplates, runners, and truss plates for all their constructions.

    Red prefab garage with side door

    Although the materials used have a warranty period of their own, Cricket Valley Structures provides an additional six years of warranty to make sure any issues after construction are resolved at the earliest. In addition to the above, there are options for all structures to have extras like windows, flower boxes, and shutters added to them. Those who cannot get the structures directly from Cricket Valley Structures can source their Dealers.

    So with all the essential details and information, customers can get a prefab garage with loft as per their needs from Cricket Valley Structures.

    Prefab garage with stylish trim


    Are prefab garages worth it?

    A prefab garage might be a better option for the customer. It can be made in various designs and configurations, and needs more construction time. In addition, these prefab garages need minimal customization and a neat and clean appearance compared to the traditionally built garages.

    How long do prefab garages last?

    Prefab garages can last for a long time depending on the weather and climate of the location they are being built. Also, the material and construction of the prefab garage should be taken into consideration to know how long the prefab garage will last.