Find the Best Outdoor Work Sheds for Sale in Ohio

Cricket Valley Structures has the best outdoor work sheds for sale in Ohio. Find a work shed for storage, workshop usage, or anything else.

Cricket Valley Structure Work Sheds

Our Work Sheds Provide Unlimited Storage Potential

Are you searching for the best work sheds in Ohio? Whether you're looking for more garage space or need a storage cabin, Cricket Valley Structures has got you covered. Our work shed structures not only look fantastic, but they also provide sufficient space for you to work, build, and organize.

We have many styles, sizes, and options to choose from, so you can easily customize your own outdoor work shed. Additionally, we provide free delivery and set up of your storage shed within 50 miles!

Our Manufacturing Location is in Georgetown OH, Call us today for a free quote.

Completely Customize Your Work Shed

At Cricket Valley Structures, we have experts who can help you customize the best outdoor work shed. Our online 3D shed creation tool lets you visualize and design the exact size, materials, shape, and color of the backyard work shed you would like to order. That way you will be 100% satisfied that you are getting the perfect shed for your needs.

Pick Your Material and Style

Premium siding, metal siding, or treated T111 siding are the three most common materials used to build our sheds. With each material, a long-lasting, maintenance-free appearance is guaranteed.

You can also choose the style of work shed that works best for your needs. Barn-style sheds and ranch-style sheds are both excellent options among our other choices.

Choose Your Colors

There are a variety of colors available for your storage sheds, depending on the material and your needs. Wood tones, metallic hues, and blue, white, yellow, red, and green shades are available for painted DuraTemp and metal work sheds.

T111 Pressure Treated material can be colored by staining. The stain used to tint T111 Pressure Treated material has a half-life of three to five years.

Sizes and Pricing Options

Work shed prices vary based on the materials and size you choose. This allows you to customize your outdoor storage shed however you see fit.

From 8 x 10 to 14 x 44, our metal sheds come in a wide range of sizes and prices. They start at $3,045 and go up to $13,695. Work sheds made from treated wood range from 8 x 10 to 14 x 44 and cost between $3,095 and $13,975. The cost of a painted DuraTemp shed ranges from $3145 to $13,895 for a 10 x 8 to a 14 x 44 shed.

Buy Your Work Shed in Ohio at Cricket Valley Structures

Are you ready for more space in your life? Create the outdoor storage sheds you've always wanted with our 3D shed creation tool. You can also call us at a location near you to speak with us about our work shed options.