Tool Sheds

A tool shed is an effective and helpful way to reduce the need for a garden shed. Having a tool shed in your home means that the customer will not have to remove loungers or recliners to work on something, and neither will you need to go through the house for specific tools. In addition, once you have a tool shed in your home, all the necessary tools are maintained in a way that helps the customer get the right tools at the right time.

A tools shed is available in more than one style and design, making it easier for the customer to choose the best-suited tool shed design for their home. With this helpful write-up, customers will better understand the need for a tool shed and its customization as per their needs and requirements.

Uses Of A Tool Shed

Having a small tool shed or a wooden tool shed  in the customer's home will be helpful in the following ways:

  • Added Storage Space

Building a small tool shed allows the customer to increase the storage capacity and store all the necessary equipment in an easy-to-reach area. Also, the different types of tools used for gardens and other areas available in various sizes make it essential to have a tool shed in the best-suited dimensions.

    • Perfect Area for Work

    A tool shed, once constructed, can serve more than just one specific purpose of storing tools. The tool shed can also work as a place where one can work on their hobbies or create an area of relaxation and fun for children.

    • Enhance Property Value

    Having a well-built tool shed in your home means that you can increase the property value of your home. When buying or selling a house, people usually focus on short-term benefits as compared to long-term benefits. So, it is always considered that having extra storage can help since more storage space is always placed in the first few things to consider for a home buyer's list of needs.

    Price vs. Quality

    Tools sheds are often made according to the customer's needs and requirements as well as the materials. Therefore the quality of the small tool shed depends on the materials used and the customizations done according to the customer's demands. Also, the average cost of the backyard tool shed provided by Cricket Valley Structures depends on the materials used and the size of the tool shed requested by the customer.

    Additionally, the quality of the tool shed built by professionals at Cricket Valley Structures stays the same. The size and other fixtures requested by the customer affect the price. Prices depend on the material used as well as the options requested for the tool shed.

    Design Considerations

    Before the customer decides to buy a tool shed that suits their needs, it is essential to consider the specific design to get the most out of the backyard tool shed. Some of the ways an outdoor tool shed can design can be regarded as in the following ways:

    Shop by Material

    Cricket Valley Structures provides a lot of scope for the customer to make a backyard tool shed that meets their requirements and needs. A part of this includes the materials supplied by Cricket Valley Structures from which they can choose the best-suited one. The materials and their benefits are mentioned below:

    • Premium Siding – Painted DuraTemp

    The material comes with a 50-year warranty, and it is made of natural plywood that ensures lesser chances of splitting or cracking. The tool shed can also be painted in the color chosen by the customer. However, the on-site tool sheds cannot be painted but primed for the customer's paint.

    • Metal Siding

    For a worry-free and low-maintenance look, metal siding is the best choice for the tool shed. Customers can get a clean look and a paint-free look that can last for up to 40 years.

    •  Treated T111 Siding

    A customer choosing this material gets to have a backyard tool shed that is pressure treated with ProWood Micro CA for a lifetime of use. In addition, these come with a three to five-year water-resistant stain guarantee and need to be stained or painted regularly. 

    Customize Your Shed

    Cricket Valley Structures allows their customers to choose their backyard tool shed’s design, size, and color according to their choice. The colors provided by the professionals at Cricket Valley Structures for small tool sheds range in shades of grey, blue, red, white, and yellow. The small tool shed can be a wooden tool shed or made of any other material. At Cricket Valley Structures, customers can design the best-suited tool shed with the help of the 3D design tool on the website. Here, the customer can visualize the interiors, and the exterior design and size of the tool shed to ensure that adequate storage space and design match the customer's home. 

    Choose The Color

    • Choose Cricket Valley Structure For Tool Shed
    Cricket Valley Structures has been creating sheds, garages, and barns since 2005, and its main goal has been to build the best, low-cost, and long-lasting small tool sheds, barns, garages, and other structures that may or may not be attached to the home. The company also ensures that connectors like truss plates, runners, and tread plates are high-quality material. Additionally, customers can choose between the tool shed being built on-site or a pre-made tool shed delivered to the customer.

      So with all this helpful information, you can get in touch with Cricket Valley Structures to get your backyard tool shed built with a personal touch like a tool shed bar or a tool shed that can be a place to relax or work on a hobby.


      What Is The Meaning of Toolshed?

      A toolshed is a small building some distance away from the house which stores tools and equipment.

      Does Cricket Valley Structure Have Pre-Built Sheds?

      Cricket Valley Structures provides a wide variety of choices when it comes to pre-built sheds. Choosing a pre-built shed reduces the turn time taken to deliver it.