Free delivery And Set up within 50 miles of dealer

Free Delivery

Mule moving shed

We offer FREE delivery and setup within 50 miles of dealer. Plus, you can always call for post-delivery service if you ever find an issue later on. With a mule (machine), we can get into tight spaces and moist areas easier with very little damage to your lawn during set up.

* Notice! Standard blocking includes blocks for a height of 12” maximum. $5 per block after 12”.


Site Preparation Recommendation


Level Ground - Base should be 12” larger than building on all four sides. Remove 3 - 4” of sod and fill back in with No. 57 limestone or gravel, making sure that the entire area of stone is level. Or, put 4-5” of gravel on top of sod, than make sure it is level and compacted.

Sloped Ground - Remove 4-5” of sod on high end and build up low end using 4”x4”s fastened together on top of each other creating a box frame, fill frame with No. 57 limestone. Level and compact stone. If barn is NOT built On-Site, pad must be accessible for equipment to move shed into place.

Customer is responsible for all anchoring and permits.


Watch a delivery of one of our sheds.