Rent to Own Sheds

If you have been looking for new sheds to install in your backyard or additional storage for your business premises, rent to own aka (RTO) sheds are a good option. They are not only an affordable choice but also provide additional storage space without adding more structures to your current property or having to rent a warehouse. That said, buy your rent to own storage sheds from Cricket Valley Structures for unmatched quality and other benefits.

What Exactly is a Rent to Own Shed?

Sheds, rent to own, provide a great alternative for homeowners who want to own sheds without spending a lot of capital upfront. As the name suggests, rent to own sheds are storage buildings leased by manufacturers and suppliers on a monthly basis.

Owners of these sheds are required to pay monthly rental fees, part of which goes towards paying for the lease, and the other percentage covers the base cost of the shed, which accrues to full ownership once the rental period ends.

Simply put, terms and conditions used by rent to own sheds feature monthly payments that pay off the cost of the desired shed. Once the base cost of the shed has been paid off through these monthly fees, the renter or buyer owns the shed fully.

    How to Rent Own Sheds

    The process of acquiring rent to own sheds isn’t tedious. Basically, the manufacturer creates a contract or lease with the renter/buyer that runs for a specific period, usually 36-48 months, with an agreed monthly rate. The process is as follows;

    • Choose rent to own storage sheds near me that you are interested in
    • Make your first deposit
    • Wait for your shed to be delivered

    How Much Does Rent to Own Sheds Cost a Month?

    As with other shed purchases, the exact cost of your shed rent to own depends. The total cost often depends on the actual cost of the shed and length of rent to own agreement. As mentioned, most companies allow between 36 months and 48 months repayment period.

    That said, when choosing your storage shed rent to own, remember that your chosen payment period will determine the monthly fees payable. Short payment periods have high monthly rates but low overall costs.

    Why Choose Rent to Own Sheds?

    You should consider rent to own sheds for many reasons. Among them include;

    Features and benefits

    The main advantage of choosing a rent to own shed option is that you will own the shed at the end of the lease. Therefore, if you don’t have sufficient capital, you don’t have to use the financing offered by sellers, which might be expensive.

    They are a good option for homeowners without enough capital or credit to qualify for financing. Rent to own sheds also don’t require credit checks, no penalties for payoff, and provide flexible payment terms.

    How to apply

    Unlike financing options, applying for a sheds rent to own near me option is simple and straightforward. Simply contact your local dealer, choose your preferred option, fill in your details, and sign the 3 page contract. and wait for the shed at your home.

    Where to apply

    You can apply for Cricket Valley Structures’ rent to own sheds near me online and contact one of their trusted local dealers. You can search online to find dealers who are within your location.

    Terms and conditions

    Rent to own sheds often come with some terms and conditions. They include;

    • Build-on site sheds are not available for rent to own or the RTO agreement.
    • These sheds may be limited to a 50-mile radius from a nearest local dealer
    • Rent to own sheds are available for structures that cost more than $15,000

    How to Choose the Building, Barn, Garage You Are Interested In

    Cricket Valley Structures doesn’t restrict customers on their rent to own shed designs. You can pick any rent to own shed near me from the provided inventory or design your own using this simple design tool.

    Why Choose Cricket Valley Structures for Rent to Own Sheds?

    Cricket Valley Structures is a leading manufacturer of all types of sheds for more than a decade. The company provides flexible payment options, free deliveries, and installation within a 50-mile radius, and multiple designs and customization options.


    Portable sheds rent to own are a third and viable option for homeowners who want to own sheds in their properties. Find the best rent to own shed deals from Cricket Valley Structures.


    Is a RTO shed worth it?

    Yes. Using this option is worth it if you don’t have enough initial capital or a bad credit score to purchase wooden storage sheds rent to own once.

    How much is a 12x20 shed?

    A 12x20 rent to own shed costs from $5,795. Note that the costs vary depending on your customization options. More customization, such as high wall barns/ lofted buildings, will cost more.

    How much is the rent to own a shed?

    The actual cost of RTO Mennonite sheds varies according to size, customization, payment period, and design.

    Can you convert rent from your own shed into a tiny home?

    Though uncommon, a garage can have a basement. However, ensure that you have a strong floor since vehicles and other equipment are heavy.