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Unleash the ultimate abode for your canine companion. At Cricket Valley Structures, we believe that every wagging tail deserves a space that speaks of comfort, security, and style. Introducing our range of dog kennels – where luxury meets love.

Why "Dog Kennels" Are More Than Just A Shelter

  • Tailored to Tails: Every dog is unique, and so should be their kennel. From the majestic Great Dane to the sprightly Beagle, we offer kennels that fit every breed and size.
  • Built to Bark About: Quality is our topmost priority. Crafted with premium materials, our kennels are designed to stand the test of time and weather.
  • Space to Stretch & Snooze: Our kennels ensure ample room for your furry friend to move, play, and relax. A haven they can call their own.
  • Functionality with Flair: Ventilation, insulation, easy-to-clean surfaces, and secure entry points – our dog kennels are thoughtfully designed with both canine comfort and owner convenience in mind.

Small dog kennel

8’x14’ Kennel | $3,845

Includes 1-window, 1- 3’ single door, epoxy floor, a 6’ indoor area and an 8’ outside run with 2 doggie doors.

Large dog kennel

10’x16’ Kennel | $4,696

Includes 2- windows, 1- 3’ single door, epoxy floor, a 6’ inside area and a 10’ outside run with 2 doggie doors.

Pricing Information

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The Cricket Valley Structures Promise

  • Near and Dear: Forget the endless “dog kennels near me” searches. With dealers across key locations, Cricket Valley Structures is always a stone's throw away.
  • Hassle-free Installation:  Let your pup move into their new home without any delay. Our team ensures a swift and smooth setup.
  • Transparent Transactions:  We value honesty. Our pricing is clear, upfront, and without hidden surprises. Every penny spent is an investment in your pet's happiness.
  • Post-Purchase Peace: Our commitment extends beyond the sale. From maintenance tips to any queries you might have, we're here for you.

Dogs aren't just pets; they're family. And every family member deserves a space carved with care and love. Choose Cricket Valley Structures for dog kennels that resonate with reliability and reverence. A kennel from us is more than just a shelter; it's a statement of your love for your loyal companion.

Barking FAQs

  • Kennel Customizations? Absolutely! Tailor your kennel to suit your dog's needs and your aesthetic preferences.
  • Delivery & Assembly? Yes, we promise a seamless delivery and professional installation to let your canine start enjoying immediately.
  • Hidden Costs? None whatsoever. With Cricket Valley Structures, trust is paramount.
  • Kennel Longevity & Warranty? Our kennels are crafted for durability, backed by a reassuring warranty. Your dog's comfort and safety are our utmost priorities.

Pamper your pooch with perfection. Dive into the world of Cricket Valley Structures' premium dog kennels today.