Brown County Health Department

The Brown County Health Department carries out the mandated services required by the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).  In addition to those mandated services, the health department provides both services for fees and free services in order to maintain the best health possible for our citizens in Brown County.

Our Local Health Department has classed us as essential, as a Building Construction Company, so we would like to continue to provide our services to the Public. If we can help or answer any questions, please call us at 937 377 1320 or email us at

Please keep in mind we want to comply with Government and State Authorities with the spreading of the Corona Virus Covid-19 .  If you are sick or Running a fever, please stay at Home. Please honor the 6 ft. distancing as well. Our top Priority is the Health of our Customers and our loyal Employees, let’s all help each other in these trying times.

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“If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed. If you look within, you’ll be depressed. But if you look at Christ, you’ll be at rest.   Corrie Ten Boom…..    Blessings to all of you from the Cricket Valley Team.


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Space Constraints?

In today's rapidly urbanizing world, efficient utilization of space has become a growing challenge.

Properties are getting smaller, belongings pile up, and many find themselves entangled in the chaos of clutter.
  • Homeowners and businesses throughout central and southern Ohio are struggling to find suitable storage solutions that blend with their property's aesthetics. The outdoor clutter not only devalues the property but also restricts functionality, limiting the potential of these outdoor spaces.
  • This external clutter transcends your physical space, stirring feelings of overwhelm, frustration and inadequacy. Homeowners and business proprietors alike yearn for a sense of order and a serene outdoor sanctuary, but are instead met with disarray and chaos every time they step outside.
  • Everyone deserves a living or working space that brings peace, order and functionality. An outdoor space should be an extension of one's abode or business, reflecting values, tastes and aspirations. Why settle for anything less than a harmonious blend of utility and beauty in their environment?
Cricket Valley Structures recognizes these fundamental challenges and believes in transforming not just spaces, but lives. Because everyone deserves a beautiful, organized space that tells their unique story.
At Cricket Valley Structures, we truly understand the weight of the challenge you face. The yearning for a harmonious blend of space,  aesthetics, and functionality is something we've seen many confront. Your dream of an orderly, beautiful outdoor extension is not just a distant vision; it's a genuine necessity.

We feel your pain, recognize your aspirations, and deeply believe that you deserve an environment that serves you in every possible way. Your struggles are ours, and we're committed to being a part of the solution.

Over the years, Cricket Valley Structures has risen as a beacon of excellence in delivering premium outdoor sheds throughout central and southern Ohio. Our rich legacy is steeped in numerous success stories of transforming chaotic spaces into elegant, functional masterpieces.

The expertise we bring to the table is not just about constructing sheds — it's about crafting a seamless experience tailored to individual needs.

Our dedicated team, backed by cutting-edge designs, unparalleled craftsmanship, and a relentless focus on quality, positions us as the  unparalleled guide in your journey to reclaiming and beautifying your space.
With Cricket Valley Structures by your side, you're not just choosing a shed; you're choosing a lifelong partner dedicated to realizing your vision.
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Happy Customers

Utility shed

"I purchased a utility shed, 12 x 16 and I really like it. I told them what I had, and this was the shed they suggested. I just moved here, and they treated me like I was family. They delivered it on time, and they were very professional. The driver that delivered it did an excellent job! I highly recommend doing business with them. Very honest, affordable, down to earth, and very professional."

Utility Shed 12 x 16
Felicity, Ohio

Mini barn

“Cricket Valley was very helpful. I talked to them several times, and they always call or get back to you. We had a very hard rain the day before delivery, and I called the morning of the delivery. I don’t know if they already had it loaded or not, but they changed the delivery date, no problem, to a time when the weather would cooperate."

Storage shed 10 x 12

Outdoor work shed

“We LOVE our Shed ! It is exactly what we wanted ! Quality is top Notch , the delivery person was very good , especially considering our uneven yard he had to work with. Our sales guy was awesome to work with!  Never got frustrated with me when I changed all the colors I had originally chosen . Top notch Company from Start to Finish! So glad we chose them over the others we researched .”

10X12 Garden Shed
Hamilton, Ohio

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