We Design and Build Your Versatile and Durable Prefab shed

Whether your backyard shed is for relaxing, storage, or any other use, prefab or Build-on-Site sheds are a great choice. Cricket Valley Structures has a wide selection of styles and sizes that can match your personality and budget for desired prefab tool shed.

Prefabricated Sheds, Build, and Quality

When searching for the best backyard or garden storage or residential sheds, ensure that you invest in high-quality prefab storage sheds. Most people make the mistake of trying to save money by buying cheap prefab sheds from retailers made from thin metal, faux wood finishes, or plastic.

Purchasing such a prefabricated shed will only last a few years, forcing you to make new purchases after a short time. Therefore, you should purchase prefab storage sheds that fit your situation and enriches your backyard.

    Modular Building vs. Prefabricated

    Prefab sheds and garages have been used in the construction industry for decades. With the increasing popularity and use of modular construction, you should know the difference between these two structures.

    That said, prefab sheds generally describe buildings that are manufactured in the factory before final assembly at the construction site. On the other hand, modular buildings are organized as self-contained building blocks. Modular structures are 70% built in the factory before being delivered to construction sites. This means that all modular buildings are prefabs, while not all prefabricated workshop sheds buildings are modular.

    Common Prefabricated Building Materials

    Several materials are used to construct prefab lean-to sheds. The material chosen depends on your project plan and type of construction. They include;

    •  Wood– it is a commonly used shed prefab material. Prefab wooden sheds are preferreddue to their lightweight and easy transportation. This allows contractors tomove entire prefab structures into a construction site with ease.
    • Metal – metal was recently introduced as prefab garden sheds. These prefab sheds often have metal wall panels, and 2x4 wood frames. Prefab metal sheds are durable and long-lasting.

    Prefabricated Construction

    Prefabricated construction significantly differs from your typical construction site. Most construction sites, especially in urban areas, are busy and cramped with a lot of moving machinery. On the other hand, sites in rural areas that are difficult to reach are often problematic, as construction materials, labor, and machinery cannot reach such areas. This increases the construction costs and timeline.

    However, with large prefab sheds, building components are created in suitable locations then transported to the final site. Once they are on the site, the prefab wooden storage sheds are put in place, secured, utilities are fixed, and handed to owners.

    Prefab Shed Dealer Near You

    With their many benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, minimal labor requirements, time-saving, and reduced environmental effect, prefabs are gaining immense popularity. However, most people find it difficult to locate prefab sheds for sale near me.

    Fortunately, Cricket Valley Structure has the perfect solutions for those looking for prefab sheds near me. The company has local dealers across many locations, including Georgetown, Cincinnati, Columbus, Springfield, Walton, Kentucky, and Wilmington areas.

    Why Choose Cricket Valley Structure for prefabricated or Build-on-Site Sheds?

    You should order your prefabricated storage sheds from the best prefab shed manufacturers for assured reliability and functionality. Cricket Valley Structure has been manufacturing prefab garage sheds, storage buildings, cabins, yard barns, and more for more than a decade.

    Cricket Valley Structure is a family-owned company that operates under strict quality standards. They use quality manufacturing materials and implement tried and tested designs to produce the best large or small prefab sheds.

    The company also uses scientific and advanced methods to deliver constructed prefab sheds, ensuring that your backyard or garden remains perfect even after delivery. Note that Cricket Valley Structures doesn’t build prefabricated sheds for sale on Rent to own known as RTO. you will need to purchase using other options.


    Prefabricated tool sheds and homes are increasingly becoming a popular option among most homeowners. Get your prefab backyard sheds from trusted manufacturers.

    Contact Cricket Valley Structure with your preferred 10 x 12  prefab shed or 10 x 20 prefab shed design.


    What is meant by prefabricated or Build-on-site buildings?

    Prefabricated construction is a form of construction where construction components are manufactured off-site and transported to the construction site for completion. This construction method has gained popularity in some North American States, especially Los Angeles and Arizona.

    Are prefabricated houses safe?

    Despite the common perception that prefab tool sheds are unsafe compared to traditionally constructed buildings, prefab sheds are probably the healthiest and safest buildings. For starters, they are constructed under strict building regulations with regular on-site inspections that are more stringent than site-constructed buildings that undergo a one-time inspection.

    What are prefabricated building components?

    Main prefab building components include the walls, floor, and roofs. They are manufactured and partially or fully assembled off-site in a factory before being transferred to the site.

    What is the additional cost to buy a Build-on-site shed?

    Starting cost for a Prefab building starts at $770 on top of purchase price and $3.50per square foot after that. Delivery and Set up is Included in that price, but NOTE!!!! This doesn’t include site preparation costs, or anchoring and permits.
    The customer is responsible to pay for permits/HOA/ Zoning permits as well as Anchoring costs. Also the customer is responsible to install anchoring systems if anchors are required.