Garden Shed

Add some beauty and a classic look to your backyard with a Garden Shed. With an average height of 10’ 3”, a Garden style shed provides great storage space. Each shed features a standard 6’ wide double door, 72” high walls, aluminum sill plates, Order yours from Cricket Valleys Structures now.

What is a Garden Shed?

Garden Sheds are a popular backyard shed style due to their great traditional looks. The sheds feature unique and attractive designs with distinctive overhanging roofs, making them ideal points of focus in your backyard or garden. Garden style sheds not only enhance your garden beauty but also provide a lot of head room space with open rafters.

    How to Build Garden Shed

    With advancing technology, building your desired Garden shed doesn’t have to be challenging anymore. You can use the new configuration tool in designing your Garden Shed or Barn. Simply select your preferred colour, style, and other important options, and the tool will do the hard work for you.

    Size and Shapes of a Garden Shed

    Garden sheds are available in a wide range of sizes. As such, you can find a small size shed measuring 8’x10’ and a large size measuring 14’x44’. Therefore, regardless of whether you need a small shed to store a few gardening tools or something larger to house your recreational vehicles and large garden equipment, you will find your desired size.

    Customization and Re-Design YourGarden Sheds

    As mentioned, you can customize your own Garden shed design. Before high lighting the upgrade features, below are some standard features available in all Garden sheds;

    • 4X6-inchpressure treated Runners
    • 72-inchwalls
    • Double plated top plates with wall studs 16-inch on center
    • ¾“ plywood floor
    • Large overhead space
    • Heavy-duty double entrance doors
    • Two windows with shutters (small options only have one window)
    • Life time warranty on exterior wood and Dura-Temp siding
    • Insulated vapor barrier
    • You get to choose the trim and siding colors
    • Lockable T-handle

    Apart from these standard features, you can choose the following upgrades to be included in your Garden shed design. Note that these additions come at an additional cost.

    • Large-sized windows
    • Transom windows in the doors.
    • Ramp
    • Windows with a trim instead of shutters
    • Key stone accent
    • Gable accent
    • Gable pediment
    • Flower box

    Why Choose Cricket Valley Structures for Garden Shed?

    You should consider Cricket Valley Structures as your Garden shed supplier for various reasons. To begin, the company has been designing standard and customized storage buildings, storage sheds, garages, cabins, and yard barns for more than 10 years.

    The company is family operated, which assures all customers that buildings are made from the best materials using tried-and-tested designs. Cricket Valley Structures also partners with many local dealers throughout Ohio and neighboring states, making Garden sheds and other backyard structures easily available.

    If you need close monitoring, Cricket Valley Structures can build your structure onsite. This will ensure that all your specifications are taken into consideration during the construction phase. You can also rent-to-own already constructed sheds from the company.


    Sheds are fantastic investments as it allows you to store your tools, yard equipment, gardening hardware, and any other tool you don’t want inside your house. For great appeal and functionality, choose your preferred garden shed from Cricket Valleys Structures.


    How much does it cost to build a Garden Shed?

    There is no one-price-fits-it-all cost to build a Garden shed. The cost of your Garden shed will depend on your preferred material, select options, and customization. For instance, an 8x10 metal shed goes for $3,045 to buy and $140 for the rent-to-own option.

    However, you will incur more if you want to add some customization to your shed. For instance, transom window costs $65 each, gable pediment costs $75 each, keystone accent costs $12 each, and more. That said, configure your own barn to know how much it will cost.

    What’s the difference between Garden Shed and a Lofted Shed?

    A-frame sheds are classic American-styled shed with low-slopped roof, vinyl windows, and shutters. These sheds can easily be matched with your home's color scheme and style at an affordable price.

    On the other hand, Lofted sheds are special Lofted Gambrel Roof models with some additions. What stands out from these sheds is the gable overhang and 4 sided roof, which makes this shed model quite different from typical A-frame sheds. They also have additional storage and loft space.

    What’s the difference between Lofted Sheds and Garden Shed?

    There is no much difference between Lofted Sheds and Garden Sheds. What differentiates A-frame from Lofted Buildings is the low-sloped roof and affordable price points. Lofted buildings also have extra storage space.

    Do all your buildings come painted?

    Not all garden sheds come painted. For instance, if you order a Build on Site Shed, the paint is provided but not applied for the customer. However, those with wooden exteriors do need some finishing paint. Note that you can order yours with a preferred unique color option