Lofted Barns

Whether your backyaLofted barns are mainly a built barn style that provides adequate space for storage for possessions that cannot be stored in the home. Due to overhead lofts on either end, lots of things can be stored inside and under the lofts. At Cricket Valley Structures, experienced professionals can create high-quality and long-lasting lofted barns for their customers. Here customers can understand more about storage barn cabin and how they can help them in storing extra or unwanted items away from the house.rd shed is for relaxing, storage, or any other use, prefab or Build-on-Site sheds are a great choice. Cricket Valley Structures has a wide selection of styles and sizes that can match your personality and budget for desired prefab tool shed.

Uses for lofted barns

Here are some of the ways having lofted barns can be helpful for homeowners:

  • Space

    It is necessary to ensure that the lofted barn the customer chooses has enough space for all the extra possessions that need to be stored.

    • Quality

    Good quality lofted barns are made from high-quality materials that can last for a long time. Spending a little more money ensures that the customer's lofted barn cabin can last for a longer time.

    Cricket Valley Structures provides you with high-quality and long-lasting storage barn that can serve more than one purpose for the customer.

    Price vs. Quality

    The lofted barn sheds provided by customers at Cricket Valley Structures are made of three high-quality materials that have been mentioned below, along with their benefits:

      • Painted DuraTemp – Premium Siding

      Lofted barns made of painted duratemp material come with a warranty period of 50 years. Since the portable lofted barns are made of natural plywood, there is a reduced chance of splitting or cracking due to weather changes, and it can be colored according to the customer's choice or needs.

      • Metal Siding

      Due to the high-quality metal siding used for the storage barns sold at Cricket Valley Structures, these are a low-maintenance choice for many customers that provides a warranty for 40 years. Also, as lofted barns made of metal siding, they offer a clean appearance in the surrounding area.

      • Treated T111 Siding

      Portable lofted barn cabin made with treated T111 siding last come with a pressure-treated ProWood Micro CA that ensures that the customer can use the lofted barn for a long time without the risk of rotting or termites. Also, these lofted barn cabin come with a three to five-year stain resistance and should be stained or painted whenever needed.

      Additionally, there are a wide array of colors in the shades of blue, white, green, red, gray, and galvalume plus that can be provided per the customer's request.

      Structure Size

      Lofted barn shed at Cricket Valley Structures are available in various sizes according to the material the customer can choose according to their requirement. Dimensions of the lofted barns can range from 10 x 12 to 14 x 44. Therefore, the price can vary as per the material requested by the customer. Another essential part of the structure size is that the lofted barn comes pre-fitted with double doors and one loft. Any other additions that the customer might request are chargeable.

      With all these being said, Cricket Valley Structures provides many options regarding the customizations that the customer can ask for based on their needs and requirements, which includes requests for a portable lofted barn shed that can be moved from one place to the other whenever needed.

      Choose Cricket Valley Structures For Lofted Barns

      With nearly five years of experience creating different outlying structures like sheds, barns, garages, professionals at Cricket Valley Structures have constantly tried to improve its methods and provide high-quality lofted barns for their customers. The business also gets the best quality connectors like truss plates, runners, and studs to ensure that their structures last for a long time. Additional warranty of six years is provided across all of their products, and their franchise stores help deliver the sheds, and barns created by Cricket Valley Structures to people in Kentucky and Indiana


      What is a lofted shed?

      A lofted shed is an elevated structure that can store farm or general equipment and tools that the customer requires.

      What is a lofted garden barn?

      A lofted garden barn is not much different from a normal lofted barn. The only difference between a lofted barn and a lofted garden barn is that the doors of a lofted garden barn is placed on the longer side (lengthwise) of the barn instead of the shorter side (breadth wise).

      How high is a loft barn?

      The height of a lofted barn varies between 11’ to 12 feet.

      How do you build a barn loft?

      Building a barn loft is possible with the following steps: